A digital Christmas card option that is easy and will last a lifetime

November 30, 2011

Last year I wrote a blog post on the topic of christmas cards that resonated with many of you.  I shared what I loved about the tradition of sharing cards as well as what I don’t love about it.  Then I shared that I decided to “send out a Christmas card, but it would be one that would be fun for me to make, fast for me to send and one our family could enjoy for years to come.”  I am continuing that tradition this year.  I started by making a digital card using Cocodot (which is now a free service).  You can see the digital card that I created here.  Then I linked that card to our family slideshow video (also shown below).

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Do Together Craft: Easy Wreath Ornaments

November 28, 2011

Christmas is rapidly approaching.  Usually, this is the time of year that I bust out the paper crafts with my kids, but this year I thought we could make some ornaments. Enter these adorable, easy, and super cheap wreaths.  This is truly a do-together craft, as some steps the kids can do, and some steps the adults or older kids have to do, such as the hot glueing.  Even better, these little wreaths are fully customizable.  If you have four kids doing this craft, you will have four completely different wreaths.  Even better, if you are a sewer or crafter, I can nearly guarantee you have the materials needed around your house.  Can you say, “Scrap busting time!” If you aren’t a crafter don’t worry!  The materials for this craft are very inexpensive.

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