Baby Emory is Here!

April 07, 2015

I can not believe I have been MIA for so long but I have a good reason. I gave birth to my second son, Emory Eli back in November and have been enjoying my mommy time. He came into this world big and beautiful. 8lbs 12ounces, 21.5 inches and absolutely perfect. He has a very serious and calm quality about him (completely opposite than my first son who is very playful and outgoing). Our birthdays are only three three days apart and in some weird way I feel that it connects us somehow. I was not sure how I would feel this time around but giving birth to Emory was just a miraculous as giving birth to my first child. It was amazing and such a blessing. I didn’t know what being a mom of two would feel like. Would I love him as much as I loved my first son, how is that possible? But you know what? I absolutely fell in love with him the moment I saw him. Somehow your heart makes enough space for all your children. Emory is now four months old and is getting bigger by the day. He is a happy baby and has the biggest smile (although right now its all gums!)





In case anyone was wondering, Dominic has taken his role as big brother like a champ! He loves the baby so much (sometimes a little too much) and is very protective over him. It is just the cutest thing to see. I am very excited to see their bond grow. I hope they become the bestest of friends! Even though I know sibling rivalry is sure to rear its ugly head at some point.



I am going to do my best and start blogging more regularly now that things have normalized into my “new reality”!


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