Nursing this time around

April 09, 2015

Nursing this time around has been easier. I had one small case of mastitis (most horrible feeling, you think you’re dying!) but besides that, nursing is going very well. In fact I think I am producing way more milk this time around than with my first child. I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite tips/products for nursing this go around. Please comment and let me know some of your tips and or favorite products! Nursing is one of those things that you can never get enough advise on. Also in the comments, please let me know how long you nursed your little one.


Bebe au lait cover, $25.00 – I absolutely love my nursing cover. I wish I was one of those super confident, I don’t care if you look, kind of girls but when it comes to nursing I am pretty modest. I need a cover! This one is simple, sturdy and has a terry cloth side pocket which is great for spit ups or to store a pacifier.



Kiinde starter kit , $99.99 – This is the coolest thing! When I do have to pump, I use this system. It is so easy! There is no more slippage. You simple pump directly into the bag, then snap the bag into the bottle. It eliminates the need to transfer the milk from bottle to bag. The starter kit also comes with a bottle warmer, which I love. At first I was concerned that Emory might not like the nipple on the bottle provided, but he took it like a champ. No complaints and no spit up. Overall I am really happy with this purchase. In case anyone wants to know, I use a Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump.



Summer Infant Nighty Night Nursing light, $12.99 – a must have for sleepy moms like me. Its has a vibration alarm you can set, so if you fall asleep while nursing, it wakes you up.




Lilypadz, $22.95 – best nipple pad ever! NO QUESTION! It is washable and will not bunch up like some of those disposable pads.



Undercover Mama, $24.99 (cheaper if you buy multiple) – Like I said, I am modest so I like my mid section to be covered while I am nursing. This cami attaches to any nursing bra and keeps your mid section covered. Plus they come in tons of fun colors.



Anna Natural Nursing teas, $12.99 – This is probably one of my favorite nursing items. This tea taste so good! Since giving up my coffee, I have turned to teas. This one really did help me establish a good flow. I usually have two cups a day. Sometimes I even brew it, then pour it over ice to make ice tea.



Of course I love my boppy to prop the little guy on while he feeds, I also nurse on demand so please don’t ask me for a schedule. I tried to log everything in one of those apps but I kept forgetting to do it. When you have a toddler and a newborn, its too much to ask for me to remember! LOL So we feed on demand and he is doing great. I probably over fed him as he is a very big boy (currently 17lbs at four months old) but that’s okay in my book.

One of the biggest suggestions I have for new nursing moms, is just to stick with it. I promise you, it will get easier. The first month of breastfeeding is always really hard for me. I get cracked nipples, mastitis and overall it just really hurts. But after that, it becomes like second natural. The bond you form with your child while breastfeeding is amazing. There is something about being able to provide for your child that gives you a sense of accomplishment. Of course, absolutely nothing against moms who cant breastfeed or chose not to. Believe me, almost every day during the first month, I wanted to quit!!! LOL

Nursing on demand made things less stressful for me but some people I know really like to document the feedings and there are some great apps out there to help you. Also nursing bracelets are really helpful so you can remember which side you nursed on last.


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