Do Together Craft: Easy Wreath Ornaments

November 28, 2011

Christmas is rapidly approaching.  Usually, this is the time of year that I bust out the paper crafts with my kids, but this year I thought we could make some ornaments. Enter these adorable, easy, and super cheap wreaths.  This is truly a do-together craft, as some steps the kids can do, and some steps the adults or older kids have to do, such as the hot glueing.  Even better, these little wreaths are fully customizable.  If you have four kids doing this craft, you will have four completely different wreaths.  Even better, if you are a sewer or crafter, I can nearly guarantee you have the materials needed around your house.  Can you say, “Scrap busting time!” If you aren’t a crafter don’t worry!  The materials for this craft are very inexpensive.


scraps of fabric, yarn, or ribbon


hot glue (should be done only by parent)

optional: any extra embellishments you feel the need to put on

Step One: Gather your fabric, ribbon, or yarn and cut your circles

For our wreaths, we used scrap fabric from when I sewed a tree skirt last year.  Cut the fabric into strips.  The width is up to you.  If you have thinner strips, the wreath will be flatter.  If you have thicker strips, you can fold or crumple the strips and have a thicker wreath.  We did one of each.  The red one in the top photo is thinner, while the green wreath is thicker.

For the wreath form, we simply cut circles out of cardboard.  My little guy is still working on his dexterity, so he held down our circle template, aka, upside-down peanut butter jar.

Step two: Wrap the material.

Tie or hot glue one end of your material to the cardboard and wrap the rest around.  Once you get all the way around the wreath, trim the excess and hot glue or weave in the end.

Step three: Add a bow and tie.

Tie a bow from a contrasting color and glue it to the front.  Take a spare piece of fabric, same color as the main wreath body, and add it to the top so it hangs.  For mine, I just slip-knotted it on.

Done!  Wasn’t that easy?  My preschooler and I made 2 of these in one hour.  He did what he was able to do, and I did the rest.  It was a really fun project to do on a lazy morning, and now he wants to make more.

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