SIDS Awareness Month

October 21, 2009

October is

SIDS, Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month.

We want to make you AWARE of some unique items we carry at Mom 4 Life, with SIDS prevention in mind.

Baby Sleeps Safe Sleep Panel and Sleep Pouch-Baby Sleeps Safe, Sleep Panel, Sleep Pouch, sids

The Baby Sleeps Safe Sleep Panel and Sleep Pouch allows you to choose a position on the mattress that you want your baby to sleep and wrap the panel around the mattress. The sleep sack then velcros the baby’s back to the panel, so they cannot turn to their tummy. It also helps with keeping the baby in position if you need to elevate their mattress on one end for other health/sleep issues.

Guardian Sleeper Sleep Positioner-made in the usa 

The Guardian Sleeper Sleep Positioneris similar in concept to the item above, but a much different design.  The Guardian fits over the end of the mattress and then secures the baby in place, in whatever clothes they are wearing.


CozyWedge a Safer, Simpler Crib Bumper-cozy wedge, crib bumper, safe crib bumper, crib bedding, bedding, sleep safety, burp catcher

CozyWedge, a Safer, Simpler Crib Bumper offers stylish protection for little ones tempted to get their little body parts stuck between the mattress and the crib. However, this bumper is firm and stays molded to the corner. Baby’s face can’t get smothered in a soft, squishy bumper pad.

Wonder Bumpers Breathable Crib Bumper by Go Mama Go Designs-crib bumpers, crib bumper, unique crib bumper, wonder bumpers, wonder bumper, go mama go, go mama go

Wonder Bumpersare another unique design that keeps the air circulating well in the crib. Each rail is bumpered individually. Again, they cannot squish down and smother a baby.

Some research indicates that pacifiers aid in reducing the risk of SIDS. We have quite a selection of unique ones at Mom 4 Life.

All Natursutten Pacifiers by Zoe b Organic-natural pacifier, unique pacifier, binki, healty plastic, natural plastic, organic, natural, safe, H

All Natursutten Pacifiers by Zoe b Organic

WubbaNub Plush Toy Pacifiers

Research also indicates that swaddling is a great way to reduce the risk of SIDS. From lightweight blankets, to warm swaddlers, we have lots to choose from!

Loving Baby™ Swaddle Blanket

Snug & Tug Swaddling Blanket by Go Mama Go Designs

Cozy Cocoon Baby Bunting Body Sock-Cozy Cocoon, The Cozy Cocoon, Body Sock, Swaddling, made in the usaCozy Cocoon Baby Bunting & Tassel Hat or Cozy Cap Gift Set-made in the usa    Cozy Cocoon Football Baby Bunting Set-swaddling, cozy cocoon, football, halloween, showing off baby, baby boy, usa

Scores of choices for the Cozy Cocoon Bunting Sets and Body Socks

Babybonkie-swaddle, swaddling, swaddling options, sleep time, sleeping, bedtime, bed time

The Minkee Lined Babybonkie

Australian Muslin Baby Wraps by aden + anais-muslin, muslin wraps, swaddling, swaddling options, swaddling cloths, swaddling blanket, austrailian

Australian Muslin Baby Wraps by aden + anais

SwaddleDesigns® Receiving/Swaddling Blanket-Swaddle Designs Swaddling Receiving Blanket, made in the usa

SwaddleDesigns come in regular, lightweight, and certified organic!

You can view all of our Sleepwear and Swaddling options right here.

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