Don’t let cloth diapering “bum” you out!

November 09, 2009

Cloth diapering.  What kind of thoughts run though your head when you hear that?  Based on feedback that you guys have given me in the past I know that last year at this time 35% of you used them all the time, 21% used them some of the time, 13% of you were thinking about using them and 31% did not use them. 

I have found myself in each of those categories at one time or another.  When my first child was born 6 years ago I was pretty clueless about baby products (a funny thought now) and didn't even realize that cloth diapering was still an option.  I caught on pretty quickly though and was trying them out before Hunter turned one.  I have since used them with Ashlyn and now Quinten as well. 

One of my all time favorite cloth diaper brands is bumGenius (Quinten is wearing one in the image below). The "one size" style of these cloth diapers allowed me to start using them right away (although personally I waited until we were past the "infant black tar poop" phase) and keep on using them as he grows.  These are the same diapers I used with Ashlyn and then later with Quinten which means I saved even more money by getting more than one child diapered in them. 


bumGenius are easy enough to use that even my husband will get on board with using them.  I have enough diapers that I do laundry every 2-3 days (click here to find out how many diapers you might need to buy).  The clean up factor of cloth diapers isn't much of an issue with
newborn poop (at least for breastfeed babies), you simply wash only
diaper stuff together and it comes right out.  As they get older and
start eating solids I start using a diaper sprayer and/or diaper liners to make clean up easy.  I just store the dirty diapers in my diaper pail liner
and when it is time to wash I just invert my pail liner into the wash
and toss in my liner along with it.  The nice thing washing cloth diapers
is that (at least in my mind) it isn't the same as regular laundry
because you don't have to fold them.  I just have a basket that I stack
my diapers in and I am set to go!

After using cloth diapers for a while I realized I may as well also use cloth wipes and bottom cleaner which has added to my savings and further reduced the amount of chemicals touching my babies skin!

Aside from the huge overall savings of cloth diapers over disposables, they are also super cute and have several benefits such as reduced diaper rash (Quinten has not had diaper rash yet with cloth diapers), being safer for your child's skin and are void of possible side effects linked to future male infertility (click this link and scroll down for more info on that scary thought)! 

If you have not yet tried cloth I encourage you to check out some of the links above and consider it!  Also, stay tuned, bumGenius is coming out with two great new cloth diapering options that I am really excited about.  Simply comment below if you want to be emailed once these two new products are added to our site (should be within a month that the first product is ready and another month or two after that for the second).

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