Going Somewhere?

November 19, 2009

Do you have traveling plans over the holidays? Don’t forget our unique offerings!

Goga Baby Bottle Warmer for warming on the go.

Don’t forget some portable beverages! Kid Basix offers an options for every age!

Forget to bring a bib? Ran out of bib? Turn Aunt Martha’s dish towel or a restaurant napkin into a bib with a Kipiis Bib Clips.

There aren’t many things more inconvenient than being guest somewhere and having no high chair available for your little one. So how ’bout bring your own, compact option. My Little Seat takes no room at all to bring along and turns almost any chair into something baby and toddler friendly.

Keep those carefully selected travel activities contained and easily successible with Kargaroo Portable Pouch for Car Seats and Strollers.

Make sure those snacks and drinks don’t end up on the floor, in the road, or anywhere else with the Sippi Grip and the Snacker Catcher both of which are a useful stroller accessory .

SippiGrip-sippigrips, sippi grips, sippi grip sippy cup leash Snacker Catcher by Bebalee Keeps Large Snacks Off The Floor-bebalee, snacker catcher, big snacks, travel, in the car, keep food from falling

If you are airborne, don’t waste your energy dragging the car seat through the airport over your shoulder, while pushing the stroller. Let the Travelmate by Gogo Babyz became your traveling companion and get all the jobs done!

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