BabyLegs to the Rescue!

May 18, 2010

ROnnie“I just thought I’d add my two cents about
BabyLegs….. yet another great use.  Late last week, Ronnie fell on
something in his room (the boys were in the middle of cleaning it) and sliced
his wrist open BAD.  Luckily, although it was nasty
(double slices), it wasn’t bad enough to require stitches. So I cleaned it good and bandaged it. Since he was having a sleepover at his friends house later that
night, I was worried about the bandage falling off and dirt getting into the
slices.  I could not find my ace bandage of course; SO….. since he’s got so many
pair of
“arm warmers”, I took one from his least favorite pair (although he loves
them all), cut a small hole in it for his thumb to keep it where it needed to
be, and put it on his arm/hand.  It kept the bandage in place – AND since he’s
been able to take the bandage off now, he’s still wearing it to help protect his
owie right now.  I’m thrilled with it, because it looks much nicer than a big
ace bandage anyway, and it’s doing the job I wanted it to do.” –
Sarah DeBusk, Mom 4 Life Order Processing

Mom 4 Life. Now that Ashley owns Mom 4 Life, I am focusing my energies in homeschooling and asking God to use me in other areas.

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