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February 18, 2011

sewExpecting Ebook by Leigh Ann Tennant

20 Simple Projects for the New Mom and Beginning Seamstress

Retail Value$22.00, on sale for $19.80

Congratulations to Kerry, who one a copy of the sewExpecting Ebook by Leigh Ann Tenant!  The sewExpecting Ebook: 20 Simple Projects for the New Mom and Beginning Seamstress is on sale this week for 10% off (until Thursday night).

Due and Sprout “girl” Tanks

in chocolate Brown

Marked down from $40.00 to $12.99

Mom 4 Life Exclusive T Shirt

Marked down to $11.99

Zooni Mittens


Cozy Cocoon Baby Bunting & Tassel Hat or Cozy Cap Gift Set

Retail Value: $34.99-$41.99

One lucky winner will receive a Cozy Cocoon Baby Bunting Gift Set (with a tassel hat or cozy cap) of their choice!

The original, the only, one piece baby body sock!

More than just a product, the Cozy Cocoon is an idea, which is that by swaddling our newborns with comfort, beauty and soft color, we encourage healthy development of the senses and we nurture the child’s adjustment out of the womb and into the world. By this means, Cozy Cocoon supports parents and caregivers in building a strong foundation for the child’s developing sense of self in the world. When babies are tucked into the Cozy Cocoon there is no jerking, startling movement, no skin-irritating synthetic fabrics and no harsh colors to startle them out of their dreamy reverie and into the rollicking world. One seam along a softly-colored, natural fabric into which baby is completely tucked and held, the most natural progression from out of the womb and into the arms of the caregiver, with basic style. These are the points that make the Cozy Cocoon the obvious first choice for parents and caregivers of the newly born. The idea of the Cozy Cocoon rests on the wisdom of ancient and indigenous cultures that finds a unique manifestation in our own time not based on sentimentality or replication of old ideas, but by recognizing that in our modern times we need modern solutions to the most basic and beautiful of life’s experiences ~ bringing new life into the world.

How do you win?

Take a look at all the fun Cozy Cocoon Body Socks, and “share your thoughts” here.  Which one is your favorite?

You have until Tuesday evening, February 22, to enter.

Good Luck!

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