Hip Slimmer – A Mom 4 Life Giveaway

November 04, 2011

Bouncing babies on our hips is one of the things that moms seem to do naturally. Getting back into your old pre-pregnancy jeans doesn’t seem as natural. Would you be interested to know that there is a product designed to do just that? Would you like to win it for free? We are giving one away this week!

And search no more! We have found the perfect swaddle accessory for your baby.  Check out our weekly special below to see how three different solutions are guaranteed to keep your little Houdini swaddled!

Congratulations to Clare D. as the winner of our previous giveaway, Milk Trays, which take the worry and hassle out of freezing breast milk and baby food!

SwaddleBuddy Swaddling Series
Retail Price: $21.99 $17.59

The SwaddleBuddy Series offers three different swaddling solutions to help you find the perfect swaddle for your baby. Choose from the Original SwaddleBuddy, the SwaddleBuddy Sack and the SwaddleBuddy Suit.

The Original SwaddleBuddy is a swaddle accessory that can be used with any receiving blanket or other swaddle to keep your houdini baby swaddled! The SwaddleBuddy Sack and SwaddleBuddy Suit are guaranteed to keep your baby swaddled.

Learn more and/or check out Heather’s review video

Hip Slimmer Post-Pregnancy Compression Corset
Retail Price: $64.00

Get into your jeans faster! Hip Slimmer is a post-pregnancy compression corset designed to help you return to your pre-pregnancy size. learn more

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