Farewell Anica, hello Jennifer!

January 02, 2012

It is with fond farewell that we say good bye to Anica Bandy.

Anica has been a part of the Mom 4 Life team for several years doing graphic design and will be dearly missed.  She has some fun new adventures and challenges on the horizon and we thought it would be fun to share a little interview we had with her about her time with us.  Enjoy!  Oh. . . and don’t forget to check out her list of favorite Mom 4 Life products.  For a limited time we are offering them at an extra 20% off (see below for details)!

-How long did you work for Mom 4 Life?

I started Mom 4 Life back in May of ’07 , so nearly 4 1/2 years! My baby was 2 when I started, and and now she is 6! Heather only had 2 kiddos when I started too!

-What was your favorite part of your job?

I absolutely LOVED my flexibility and ability to work from home. My job started in Idaho, and traveled with me to Virginia and to Colorado. I was also able to take it with me on extended “vacations” to California and Oregon. I also had a lot of fun creating promotional images for the website, I loved being able to be creative for work.

-What was the most challenging?

The flexibility was not only my favorite aspect, but  also the most challenging because I could always work later (did someone say “procrastinator?”).

-Do you have any funny “behind the scenes moment” to share from you job?

It is hard to think of a single funny event, unfortunately sitting alone in front of the computer doesn’t really create a recipe for crazy antics, but I will have to say that the state I was in sitting at the computer could cause a laugh or two…partial nudity, un-brushed teeth and hair, pajamas, piles of plates and cups of coffee surrounding me, a child that looked like she crawled out from under a rock, the cat’s prey laying dead and unnoticed for hours….as for a single event, now that I have thought about it for a while I think I have one: When I first started Mom 4 Life, I visited Heather with my baby and she had the famous diaper “blow out” all over my shirt. I had just met Heather, and I was really embarrassed. I had a million changes for the kid, but none for me. I had to drive an hour home wreaking of toddler poo, and to top it off I got stuck in traffic! Ah, the joys of motherhood…..

-What will you miss the most after you leave?

I will miss being a part of the Mom 4 Life evolution, since I have worked here we have had 4 different website styles, added loads of products and started many seasonal traditions. It is sad to leave that behind. Heather has been a wonderful boss, it is great to work for someone who wants you to put your family first, and wants you to love and appreciate you job. The rest of the team is awesome to work with as well. Heather not only carefully handpicks products, but her employees too. I was glad to be part of that, and am sad to let it go.

-What are you most looking forward to after you leave?

I am leaving Mom 4 Life to begin a new chapter in my life, a home-schooling adventure. I am looking forward to all that my daughter and I will be learning, and my new career as learning facilitator. Plus, my home is spick and span, my husband is full, and the laundry is caught up, wow! I will now be able to fulfill my 1950′s housewife fantasy.

-Which Mom 4 Life products are your favorite?

When I first started I went absolutely ape over BabyLegs legwarmers, but who doesn’t? If my kid would still wear them I would still be buying them frequently. When the Hello Kitty ones came out, I nearly died. Another favorite was the Hooter Hider nursing covers (they had to be the Hooter Hider and not Bebe au Lait, just because that laugh was worth tons of bonus points at the baby shower.) Another favorite baby shower gift I would give was Wubbanub, the moms always thought they were too cute for words. I also personally own a few Blush Tee Shirt Extenders, and the Simply Sarah over the door bag organizer. Oh, and number one for my personal use, our chap-stick! I love that it is all natural, and oh, so refreshing. There are countless other products I would have loved to try if I had another baby, like Milkies, Shrinkx Hips postpartum belt andLilyPadz breast pads.

Want to try some of these products out for yourself?  Simply use the code “Anica” during checkout and any of the above mentioned items will be discounted by 20% (these prices are good for one week only so don’t delay)!

As we say good bye to Anica, we also wish to welcome Jennifer Ophardt to our team!


An energetic graphic designer, Jennifer is a Mom 4 Life to two little princesses. She is energy conscious and finds joy in making a difference. As a semi-perfectionist, Jennifer uses her creativity and talent to update our website and blog and maintain our newsletters. Her sense of humor combined with her easy-going, caring personality makes having her work close by from Liberty Lake, WA a blast.

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