A product we decided NOT to add to Mom 4 Life (but decided to giveaway instead)

March 27, 2012

Owning Mom 4 Life puts me in a unique position.  I am able to find out about and test a wide variety of products in consideration for our site.  I am constantly amazed at the uniqueness of what we are able to consider and (at times) the downright crazy products we are asked to add to Mom 4 Life.

Some products we have come across have completely altered the way we do things as moms.  One example are the LilyPadz breast pads (which was actually the second product to ever be added to our site).  These nursing pads blew me away when I first saw them, “What, stop the leak from even happening? You have got to be kidding me!”  Or the Shrinkx Hips postpartum belt which takes advantage of the hormones already in your system after you give birth and puts them to work for you in a powerful way to actually reduce your hip size following birth!

Other products simply tweaked what was already being done in an impressively stylish way such as our Hooter Hider nursing covers.  And still others (such as BabyLegs legwarmers) took a product that had already been invented, but converted it for use with babies and children and made us scratch our heads wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Out of respect to the mom inventors, I would typically never publicly identify the products we choose not to add.  Just because we can’t see the need for it, doesn’t mean that it should be publicly humiliated.  Plus we have a deep appreciation for the amount of work and passion that it takes to bring a product to market.

That said, I am going to make an exception today.  The following product line was considered but not added to Mom 4 Life.  However, the reason we decided not to add it was not because we didn’t feel like it was a good fit or because we were not impressed with the quality.  Unfortunately, it simply came down to the business end of things.  Because we offer free shipping on all our products shipped within the US, at times we have to pass on a few product lines that wouldn’t allow us a profit after the shipping costs (that we absorb) are taken into account.  Even though we are not choosing to add this product line to Mom 4 Life,  I have been enjoying it myself and I think it is worth shouting about.  Just in case you would also enjoy trying them out in your home, I wanted to give you the opportunity to know about (and possibly win) some of the product line for yourself!

Ready to know what it is?

Savvy Naturals line of natural health and beauty products is a home based family-run company (mom, dad and 5 kids) and is located just a few hours from my home in Northern Idaho.   Every product they offer (including their Vapor Decongestant Rub), is COMPLETELY safe (no sulphates, phthalates, petrochemicals, parabens, dyes, artificial fragrances, petroleum, etc) and the ingredient lists are fully disclosed on their site.  The fact that they even explain ingredients that the average person may not know about simply bolsters my confidence in their integrity.

Maranatha, the mom behind Savvy Naturals, sent me samples from her line and I have had a lot of time to try them out.  If you read my recent post about putting together a homeopathic first aid kit, you will recall that a few Savvy Naturals products were included in my list.  My top two personal favorite Savvy Naturals products are:

The Heal All (in the roll up tube): The name describes it well.  We reach for the Heal All whenever we have a cut, scrape, diaper rash, minor burn, insect bite, and the list goes on.  I love the roll up tube applicator that allows us to use just the amount needed where it is needed and makes for very easy portability in your purse or traveling first aid kit (it is also available in a 2 or 4 oz jar).  The Heal all is made with ingredients such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, bee propolis, organic plaintain leaf, organic comfery root, organic calendula flowers and essentials oils of lavender and rosemary.

The natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties of the Heal All go to work to moisturize, soothe and heal.  Not only do I love the Heal All but Quinten (my 2.5 year old son) loves it too!  He calles it his “medicine” and asks for it EVERYTIME he gets hurt.  In fact, he also asks for it if any of his toys get damaged:)!  You can see this video that I uploaded to Savvy Natural’s facebook page to illustrate my point.  If I was forced to pick just one product from the entire Savvy Natural’s line, the Heal All would be my choice because it is so versatile and easy to use.

Savvy Naturals Vapor Decongestant Rub

My second favorite is the petroleum free Vapor Decongestant Rub: I love the peace of mind that comes from using products that you know are safe for your children.  This vapor rub is no exception.  Safe for babies as well as the rest of your family, this product contains the following ingredients: Camphor, eucalyptus, wintergreen and menthol which work together to bring cool, refreshing relief from congestion while killing unwanted bacteria.  The oils used are known for their abilities to clear mucus and help relieve upper respiratory and bronchial infections. You can also apply vapor rub to feet to help bring the antibacterial agents directly into the body!

Although the Heal All and Vapor Rub are my top two favorites, Savvy Naturals has an extensive line of salves, skin and hair products, and mom and baby products.

Even though Savvy Naturals is not on Mom 4 Life, Maranatha and her husband Jonathan decided to team up with us to offer you a special giveaway for one product of your choice from their line! To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below (you must be on our blog to enter so if you are reading this via email or Google Reader please click through to the actual blog post).  And if that wasn’t good enough, Savvy Naturals is offering Mom 4 Life readers a super special offer: with any purchase from their website they will include one free item OF YOUR CHOICE (between now and April 15th). So basically you buy one item and get another one free.  Simply indicate the product and size (i.e. 2 oz or 4oz) you wish to receive for free in the “note to seller” field in the PayPal payment area as you check out and they will automatically include it with your order.

Now if it just so happens that you order something from their site and then also win the giveaway you can decide if you simply want to be refunded the difference from your order or if you want the giveaway item in addition to your purchase so don’t let the giveaway stop you from enjoying the buy one get one free discount!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note: I really love finding companies that treat their products with the same care that we would want when using their products for our families.  This post was written without any affiliate links included.  I did receive samples of the items mentioned above for the purpose of evaluating their quality and usefulness as we considered them for our site.

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