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July 20, 2009

Ever reached for a bandaid or masking tape to help with your popping, pregnancy belly button?  Well, no more!

Popper Stoppers™ by Miss Oops-miss oops, the view miss oops, popper stoppers, belly button sensitivity, belly button, bellybutton

Popper Stoppers are just the think to stop your pop!

Looking for the perfect way to keep track of baby's activities?

Aunt LaLa’s Log by Rosie Bear-aunt lala's log, rosie bear, baby log, stylish log, first 3 months, usa, twins

Aunt LaLa's Log by Rosie Bear is one of the most organized methods this mom of four has ever seen and much cuter than the one page photocopy you bring home from the hospital. It is also available in a twins version!

A bib with four sides? Yep!

Bebe au Lait Double Reversible Bibs-Bebe au Lait Double Reversible Bibs, hooter hider, bib, reversible bib

Bebe Au Lait Double Reversible Bibs allow for four fresh and clean uses between washings!

We never grow tired of cute momma shirts!

Running out of Womb Maternity Tee by Chicken and the Egg Maternity-humorous maternity, maternity Tee, Chicken and the Egg Maternity, usa

We've added eight styles of Chicken and the Egg Maternity's super fun designs!

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