Sleep, Exercise and Dresses

August 16, 2009

Hi Friends:), I wanted to take a moment to update you on two exciting events that took place this weekend.

Today Quinten turned 2 months old and his dr. told me that around 2 months he would be “ready” to start sleeping through the night.  I had no idea that Quinten was listening when this was discussed as the last two nights he has slept solid all night long from 8/9 PM – 5/6 AM!!  Isn’t that amazing?  I couldn’t believe it.  I was so thankful that in the morning he woke me up and I didn’t wake up first and look at the clock and realize how late it was or else I would have been pretty scared wondering if he was ok for a moment.  I don’t “expect” this pattern to continue every night but I will sure enjoy it when it happens!  Quinten still sleeps a ton during the day but when he is awake he is such a laid back baby, so content.  Hunter and Ashlyn continue to dote on him and shower him with kisses and love–to the point that it is comical at times.  He weighs over 12 pounds now.


As he is gaining weight I have been working on losing it.  Since starting our “Get Fit, Have Fun: M4L Challenge” at the beginning of the month, I have lost 3 pounds and 5 inches.  I have been working out almost everyday for about 20-25 minutes and drinking at least 64 oz of water.  I am finding that working out right after the kids go to bed at night is a good routine for me most days.  I have been doing the 30 day challenge on my EA Active Wii game and I can really tell that I have been getting more in shape and having more energy which feels GREAT after being pregnant for so long and having so very little energy.  There are a lot of nice benefits to working out at a gym but working out at home is nice for me since we live about 20 min outside of town and not having to add any travel time onto my workout is great. On the days that I don’t do my workout at night on the Wii, I have been using Lullaby Exercises as it allows me to workout while wearing Quinten in my baby carrier (I have been using my Baby K’tan, Peanut Shell or Maya Wrap lately).
Lullaby Exercises DVD/CD by Chicks-n-Chickens-chicks n chickens, lullaby exercises, workout video, exercise dvd, usa, darcy novo albrecht, babywea
This week I am going to also be adding the Fit + Giggles Postnatal Fitness DVD into my routine for days that I am not working out when the kids are in bed.
Fit + Giggles Postnatal Fitness DVD-made in the usa, fitness, fit and giggles, exercise, postnatal exercise
Fit + Giggles will also allow me to workout with Quinten so I am excited to start using that as well.

I have not worked out regularly since before Hunter was born so this month has been quite a change for me.  I am realizing however, that to work out at home for 20 min is totally doable for me.  20 min actually goes by fast and is so worth the benefits that get enjoyed for the rest of the day.  When the kids are around while I am working out, they try to do it with me which is also fun (for them as well as me).  I would love for you to consider joining us in the challenge on our facebook fan page if you are not already.  Full details are found here.  It is going until the end of next month so you still have plenty of time to jump on board and see some good results.  We have already had moms reporting that they have lost anywhere between 2-8 pounds so far this month which is awesome!  We also have extra non-fitness challenges that are helping us in other areas of our life, weekly giveaways and of course the grand prize from Belly Bandit so that makes it even more fun!

This Friday Trent and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary!  On Saturday night we are going to be having a small get together with a few friends and renew our vows.  I am trying to decide between two dresses to wear.  One I bought for $0.25 at a yard sale-and at the time it was a little too small, now it fits;)!  The other I paid retail for.  I will post a photo of myself in both dresses this week on our facebook fan page and ask for your opinion on which one I should go with.  After you guys weigh in on your opinion, I will tell you which dress is which:).  Have a great week!

P.S. I have added several new songs to the playlist on the blog, hope you enjoy them!

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