Win a “What To Expect. . .” book!

August 19, 2009

WTE Book cover It was 2003 and I was pregnant with our first baby.  I was excited and so curious to know exactly what was going to be happening inside of my body over the next several months!  I was searching the internet, checking the Chinese calender and making a list of questions for my Dr.  Can you guess which was the first book that I bought?  What To Expect When You're Expecting.  I am guessing you have heard of it and for good reason.  This book has come to be known as a staple of trusted info for countless mamas-to-be.  What you may not know is that they also have a website filled with great info on a wide variety of topics ranging from preconception – toddlers!  In fact, they even have books for each of these stages. 

It is fun to see things turn full circle.  A few weeks ago the people at contacted me and said they would like to give away 3 of their books to my lucky blog readers.  So several years ago I was reading their material and now they are reading mine;).

Want to win a book catered to the specific stage you are in?  Simply be the first person to email me with the correct answers to the questions in the category that most applies to you (please pick one category below and send me the answers to each question in that category–you can email me via heather @ mom 4 life (dot) com). 
I have a What to Expect When You Are Expecting, a What to Expect The First Year and What to Expect the Toddler Years book to give away (if you want the What to Expect When You Are Expecting book for instance, answer the pregnancy questions).

Pregnancy questions: This book has a winner (congrats Ann M)!

In week 8 of
pregnancy, what berry is compared to your baby's size?

In which trimester
are you likely to have an increased appetite?

In week 13 of
pregnancy, what fruit is compared to your baby's size?

What is the downy
coating of hair your baby starts showing in week 14?

contractions can start anytime after which week of pregnancy?

First Year questions:  This book has a winner (congrats Kira M)!
At what age does
your baby give a true (and not just gas!) smile?

At what age will
your baby start to grab objects?

What is the
burping position called when you place baby tummy-down?

What temperature
range should your baby's bath water be?

What is the
average number of hours a newborn will sleep in a day?

Toddler questions: This book has a winner (congrats Melissa L)!

When talking about
toddler attachment to a toy, what is a T.O

In which gender is
bed-wetting more common?

Should you
(gently) bite a toddler who bites to show him that it hurts?

If your picky
eater is also a pokey eater, should you set a time limit?

What are the three
Bs of a bedtime routine?

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