Showers – and the God that is always working behind the scenes!

August 24, 2009

One morning, not so long ago, I had just started my shower when the infamous knocking on the door began. It caused me to wonder, which plan worked better? The "prepare everyone that I'm taking a shower, and I'll be done in just a second" plan – so they know where I am and don't worry about anything? Or the "sneak to the shower quickly while everyone is busy and hope I can get out before anyone notices I'm gone and have any need to track me down" plan?

Now obviously the plan one chooses has a bit to do with the age of the children you are leaving outside the shower. But at this stage in my life (with kids ages 5-12), I've decided that usually sneaking through is the best plan. I'm done before they miss me, and I get a shower in peace, rather than 2.5 minutes of knocking during my 3 minute shower. "Mom!…Clayton did…"  "Mom, can I…" "Mom, when are you going to be out?!"

That got me thinking about how God is with us. We often think that if we just knew His plan, we would be able to deal with things – if we just knew what He was up too. But I'm convinced, that when God reveals to me what He is up to, I pester more, just like the little kid banging on the bathroom door. "How long is it going to take? When are you going to take care of this? You said you would do this. Why aren't you doing it?" But, if God sneaks behind the scenes and prepares things without me knowing, and then"Boom!" its ready….I'm just thrilled and excited have never dealt with the impatience.

Either way, He is doing the same work behind the scenes….but with the first scenario, I'm often frustrated with his timing, and sometimes even ungrateful for the results. After all, I expected it. But with the last scenario, I'm surprised again by what God had planned all along.

I'm choosing today to trust what God is doing behind the scenes. What about you?

Angela Gifford
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