The MilkSaver is fabulous!

August 31, 2009

This last weekend Trent and I went to Seattle together for a weekend get-away to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  Hunter and Ashlyn stayed with grandparents so it was just us and Quinten. Man it seems easy to just have one child (why didn’t it seem the same way when we only had one?)! :)   Both nights that we were away Quinten slept from around 10/11 at night until 8/8:30 in the morning!  Amazing.  I will mention that at 11 weeks of age, Q weights almost 15 pounds so he is by no means in “need” of eating during the night.  However, this extra long stretch between feedings left me a little uncomfortable in terms of milk production since my body wasn’t used to waiting that long to nurse.  I found myself with an ample supply of milk throughout the day.  Then today I remembered the new product “The MilkSaver” that we recently added to our site.  It occurred to me that I should be using this to catch the extra leaking milk while I nurse.

So tonight tried out The MilkSaver for the first time and I really like it.  When I first took it out of the box it was larger overall than I expected but I found that it fit right inside my bra while I nursed and was easy to use.  I was thrilled to see the 1 oz. of milk that was collected during one short feeding. The main drawaback that I could think of for this product is that I can’t use it when I nurse laying down (which I do at night) but for my daytime feedings I am going to start using this regularly and saving up those extra oz. of milk!

I have avoided pumping just because it can be a hassle to get out the pump and clean it out etc. but I want to have Quinten try using a bottle.  I think The MilkSaver will be perfect because I can save my extra milk and use it to try him on a bottle without even having to pull out my pump!  Overall, I am thrilled, I think The MilkSaver is a fantastic innovative product for the breastfeeding mom!

One month later (a follow-up):

I felt I needed to follow up with a design flaw that I discovered–they are too comfortable!  Let me explain:

The other day I was nursing Quinten and collecting milk on the other side with my Milk-Saver.  When I finished feeding him, because the Milk-Saver is so comfortable, I forgot that it was “in” my bra on the other side.  My typical routine is to change Quinten’s diapers after I feed him so I leaned over to put him on the ground and “splash” all my saved milk split out onto him!  At first it  took me a second to figure out what caused the mess, I thought he somehow spit up really quick;)!  Once I realized what had happened I thought,  “Ok that was funny, now I know I won’t do that again:)!”

The next day I was sitting on the couch thinking about it and deciding that I should blog about it so you could share in my funny mistake and no less than 10 min later I did it ALL OVER AGAIN, talk about a short memory! . . .

I will finish up with a comment sent to me by Mom 4 Life, Heather J. about her Milk-Saver

“I just bought the Milk-Saver from you guys, MAN, I LOVE it! It’s so
wonderful! I love being able to save the milk for baby oatmeal, or when
in-laws keep the kids, etc!  I will be telling my friends about it!” ~ Heather J.

Mom 4 Life. Now that Ashley owns Mom 4 Life, I am focusing my energies in homeschooling and asking God to use me in other areas.

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