Fit + Giggles Postnatal Exercise DVD = one good workout!

September 03, 2009

We are giving away a Fit + Giggles postnatal exercise DVD on our facebook fan page tomorrow (Friday) and so this week I have been working out with this DVD to get really familiar with it.

I will begin by saying that I have been doing our “Get Fit, Have Fun: M4L Challenge” for just over a month and working out 4-5 days a week.  I can tell that my postnatal body is getting into shape.  Apparently this gave me a cocky attitude because when the DVD started and the warm ups began I found myself worrying that this exercise DVD would be too easy.  I shouldn’t have worried.

Trent was getting dinner ready (isn’t that awesome) while I worked out with Quinten in my Moby Wrap baby carrier and Ashlyn by my side.  I had neglected to read the back of the DVD case to see how long the DVD lasted.  Around 20 min into the DVD, I told Trent, “I am sure it is almost done.”  10 min later, I was still working hard.  10 min later I paused the DVD and looked on the back of the case and discovered that it is 70 min long!  I then realized that this DVD was created to be creatively customized by the viewer by providing 7 separate quick and effective segments that can be squeezed into an already busy schedule (so just choose a few each day depending on how much time you have or do a section in the morning and one or two at night)–those mom inventors are always thinking!  In fact even the exercises are broken in to short bursts (many with a 30 second countdown clock in the lower right hand side of the screen).  What I like about this is that it is like taking baby steps, each segment is short so I found myself saying “ok I can do one more”.

The thing that I loved about this workout DVD was how mom focused it is.  It was created just for US and it shows.  All of the exercises are designed around movements that we do everyday.  By taking these movements and effectively focusing on those muscle groups we can strengthen muscle and improve flexibility in the areas we need it most.  Secondly, I loved that Fit + Giggles is designed to be done WITH your baby.  Some segments had me holding Quinten in my arms (I opted for a baby carrier) while others had me lay him on the ground with me while I did a series of push-ups in a segment called “Kiss Your Baby”.  Lastly, I enjoyed knowing that one of the creators of the DVD (Sandra VanGilder) has a doctorate degree in physical therapy.  It was good to know that the exercises were so skillfully thought out with a degree to back them up:)!

If you are pregnant or have had a baby in the last 9 or so months, I would highly recommend that you consider the Fit + Giggles postnatal exercise DVD to be a part of your workout routine!

Want to see a one minute preview of the Fit + Giggles postnatal exercise DVDClick here.

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