Organizing my recipes

September 08, 2009

I am a self professed organization junkie.  Being organized makes me feel so happy!  Several months ago I was at a MOPS meeting and the speaker was talking about organization and she offered several great practical ideas on ways to organize your home.  I left with a spring in my step and grand goals of things I was going to implement.  I would like to share some of them with you over the next few months.  Today I will share one of my favorites for the kitchen.

When Trent and I got married I started a binder of recipes that I liked or wanted to try.  Many of these were from pages torn out of magazines or recipes that I printed off the computer.  I bought a 3 ring binder and page protectors and simply inserted the recipes into the page protectors.  This concept worked pretty well and did get the recipes from getting dirty.  However, there was no real thought to how they were organized in the book and I often found myself searching to find my favorite recipes from among those that I had not yet tried.

The idea that I got at the MOPS meeting was to purchase two 3-ring binders and put page protectors in each of them (this time with tabs for categories such as "main dishes", "breads", "desserts", etc).  Each 3-ring binder would be used for a different purpose.  One was for "Recipes that we LOVE" and the other was for "Recipes that we have not tried yet".  Separating the recipes into these two books and into tabbed sections made a huge difference for me.  I can now quickly and easily find what I am looking for and it is also easy to know where to file new recipies.  Also, as I try new recipies from the "Recipes we have not tried yet" book I now either file them into the "Recipes we love" book or throw them away.

Below you can see what my 3-ring binders look like.  I purchased them at Office Depot and took them home and used my scrapbooking stamps on the spines.  You could also simply write on the spines or print off labels on your printer and glue or tape them on.

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