Magic Stick all natural & organic diaper ointment feedback

September 22, 2009

Finding a good diaper cream or ointment is important.  If you cloth diaper, it is even more important to find one that is going to work for your baby AND for your diapers (as many creams or ointments can put a barrier on the diapers that reduces absorbency).  I wanted to share some feedback with you that I got for our Magic Stick no mess, all natural and organic diaper ointment.

Magic Stick® No Mess All Natural and Organic Diaper Ointment-Magic stick, diaper ointment, diaper balm, gro baby diapers, cloth diapers, natural baby co"I love the Magic Stick… Lauren (my 3 mo. old) has a very, very sensitive bottom, and it helps to prevent any major issues with skin breakdown.  The stick heals "prickly heat" type rashes very quickly — which only seem to appear when we forget to apply the Magic Stick with a diaper change.  I find it works well in combination with the Lansinoh wipes to keep her skin free of troubles since she poops just about every diaper change :)   Gotta love that good mommy's milk keeping her tummy moving along ;) " ~Mindy Y.

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