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October 07, 2009

When Hunter was born I tried to do everything by the book.  I took note of his schedule, I tracked his foods and started him on solids the day they said I should, I determined to avoid toys needing batteries, in short I was going to be the perfect parent and raise the perfect child.

When Ashlyn was born I scrapped the schedule, put off solid foods as long as possible for the ease of breastfeeding and determined that I was not the perfect parent but that my kids and I were perfect for each other.

Now that Quinten has entered the scene I am falling into our happy balance.  One product that has been especially useful for me is the Aunt LaLas Log by Rosie Bear.  This simple yet clever book offers an easy way to record the useful facts from Quinten's daily routine. 

  • 90 pages of daily charts that include special columns for jotting
    down feedings (breastfeeding or bottle feeding), naps, dirty diapers
    (pee or poop) and a misc. column for noting any medicine or milestones.
  • General Information Page for writing down emergency contact info
  • Ouchies Pages for noting any medicine administered
  • Growth Chart for noting how much a baby is growing
  • Comes in Stardard or Twins versions
  • Every Aunt LaLa’s Log is lovingly made by hand with 100% post-consumer recycled papers and non-toxic glues
  • Made in the USA

I keep it right by his bed and make a note when he wakes up, when I put him to bed along with any other facts that I want to keep track of.  It helped me to see that he was in constant routine during the day of sleeping for an hour then being awake for an hour and feeding each time he awoke.  Knowing this has been helpful and when possible, allowed me to encourage longer sleep times.  I like that it spiral bound allowing it to easily lay open and flat.  I like that there are several things that I can keep track of and that I can do it quickly and easily.  I also like the cute and simple style (mine is the Birds of a Feather design).  I wouldn't say that I do things by the book anymore, but this is one book that I have found to be useful:)!


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