hair today, gone tomorrow

October 12, 2009

I am in the post-partum "hair falling out" stage.  Not my favorite stage.  In fact my favorite by FAR is has been the baby part.  Bummer that so much of the rest isn't as fun:).  I was getting my hair trimmed today and my lovely hair dresser confirmed what I already knew to be the case: "You aren't kidding, you are losing a lot of hair" and then she added what I knew was the worst of it, "your hair was already pretty thin."  *sigh* oh well. . .

Ah but there is a post-partum sage that I am enjoying, the trying out fun new baby products stage!  I am sampling a new product now that I can't wait to tell you about soon.  Which reminds me, if you haven't joined our facebook fan page you are missing out on the chance to chime with your feedback about products we are considering as well as fun random challenges (we just finished an organization challenge in honor of national organization week) and special discounts and sales.  In fact, we are doing a giveaway right now for a Peanut Shell Baby Carrier and all you have to do to enter is give us your feedback on some fabric swatches!  Come join the fun

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