The Taming of the Towel

November 29, 2009

Some things seem serendipitous.  That is how I would describe the timing of finding out about ToweLocs.  A few months ago I wouldn't have seen any need for a product designed to "lock" your towels in place.  However, seemingly overnight our bathroom towel kept magically falling off the rack.  It didn't take long before I discovered that my kids were vigorously drying their hands after washing and causing the displaced towel problem (the good news is that my kids were washing their hands).  I enlisted my children in "towel etiquette school" and we practiced the art of drying without displacing.  They are pretty good students and the towel was found on the floor less and less.  However, their friends have not all attended the same school so when Cindy, mom of 2 and inventor of ToweLocs, contacted me and offered to let me try out her product I was intrigued.


ToweLocs work with a simple concept: The decorative front (there are many colors to choose from to match your decor) is attached to a long post.  The post is pushed through your towel (one layer at a time) and secured on the back with a locking cap.  Several adults have successfully tested out the safety of the locking cap to be sure that it would not come lose inadvertently and pose a safety hazard and after a few weeks of use I am happy to report that it has performed exactly as advertised.  Cindy also suggested that "You can offset the towel by making one part longer and securing it with ToweLocs.  That way people, especially kids have more towel to wipe their hands on and also it’s easier for them to reach."  In addition to being useful in the bathroom, ToweLocs would also be great in the kitchen to secure hand towels to your fridge or oven door where they can slip off so easily.

Cindy has generously offered Mom 4 Life readers a 20% discount on your purchase of ToweLocs.  Simply contact her directly (206.940.4304 or to order (the discounted rate is good until December 15th, 2009).

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