Personalized Christmas Tree Paper Craft

December 14, 2009

The other day I saw this lovely 3-d felt ornament that reminded me of long ago, when I did a lot of paper crafting.  I remembered specifically some 3-d paper crafts that I learned to make using 2 pieces of paper and a needle and thread.  The reminder, plus the fact that my 2 1/2-year-old won't leave our Christmas tree alone, lead me to create this craft.  The first part is for adults and older children because it uses scissors and needles or staplers.  The second part is for everyone.

4 sheets of construction paper or 2 sheets of cardstock
stapler or needle and thread
embelishments (crayons, glitter, markers, stickers, etc.)M4lchristmastree2

Part One: For Adults and Older Children:

1. Cut four identical trees out of the construction paper, one per sheet (or 2 trees from the cardstock, one per sheet).  Stack them together so that the edges match up. M4lchristmastree1

2. Make a light fold longways down the center of the trees so that you can see where the center is.  Sew or staple up the center line.

3. If you are using cardstock, skip this step. Lift the branches of the tree up to glue the top two sheets together.  Flip over and glue the bottom two together.  Note: Do not glue all 4  sheets together!

M4lchristmastree44.  Fold the top sheets toward you, and the bottom sheets away from you.  You should now have a 3-d tree that stands on its own.

Part Two: For Everyone:

Now that the tree is put together, you can have some fun with it.  Use glitter, crayons, stickers, scraps of wrapping paper, etc. to allow children to decorate and personalize their trees.

And maybe, just maybe,  this craft will keep naughty little fingers away from the "real" Christmas tree, if even for a little while.M4lchristmastree3

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