An updated look at our new website layout

December 15, 2009

Thank you for all who provided feedback on our new website design a few days ago!  The feedback was very helpful and identified a few areas that we could improve upon.  Some changes have been made to the layout including the way the free shipping is shown and the way the customer testimonials are displayed. 

Do you mind taking another quick look and letting me know your thoughts on the changes?  Click here to do so.

Also, many of you commented that the new design reminded you a lot of "".  I want to point out that the main large image of the three people in hats is a "stock photo" which I think really lends itself more to the feel of Gap.  When our site goes live the images that would be used in this spot would be the same kind of images that we traditionally use on our homepage.  This will make a difference in the overall feel.

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