Quick and Easy Paper Star Craft

December 22, 2009

With Christmas almost here, guests arriving, and cPaperstarhildren soon (if not already) out of school, I thought 
I'd present to you a fun Christmas paper craft that is easy to do, and particularly useful if your kids, or you, or your guests' kids find themselves bored.  Kids can do this themselves if they are old enough to use scissors safely.

You may have picked up that I don't like to reprint instructions/tutorials that someone else has done.  I prefer to link to the original article instead.  So, with that in mind, you can find the very clear and concise instructions to make 3-d paper stars here.

Some ideas for your finished stars:
String stars together and hang for decoration
Attatch to gifts to use as gift tags
Use as place cards for Christmas dinner
Stack several by size (biggest on the bottom to smallest on top) with points alternating to make a Christmas tree centerpiece

Don't be afraid to use different kinds of paper for different effects.  The ones in the photo are from spare wrapping paper.


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