Three Great New Adds!

December 29, 2009

Safe Sizer™ Choking Prevention Plates by Midwest Monkeys®-midwest monkeys, choking prevention, safe sizer, food safety, dinner plate, kids plate

Safe Sizer™ Choking Prevention Plates by Midwest Monkeys®

Each plate features a sizing ring, so you know exactly how big your toddler's bites should be!


Lil Rinser, Your Shampooing Solution-lil rinser, little rinser, shampoo, bath time

Lil Rinser, Your Shampooing Solution


Erase your child's fear of getting soap in their eyes! This handy mom-invented gadget is sure to improve bathtime at your house.


Lots 2 Say Baby Pacifiers-Lots 2 Say Baby Pacifiers, binki, funny gift, saying pacifiers, paci

Lots 2 Say Baby Pacifiers
A great pacifier, conversation piece, and shower gift!

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