A Load of Disgrace

January 13, 2010

The following is an example of a Daily Verse, posted Monday through Friday on Those With Young.com.

“nor takes up a reproach against his neighbor;” Psalm 15:3c

up: This is the same word that is used when referring to forgiveness in
the Old Testament. It means to “cause to carry”. It can also mean to
“lift up” or remove the load.

reproach: slur, disgrace, contempt, scorn, insult

So to cause your neighbor to carry around the weight of your contempt and insults….to make him walk around in disgrace.

do we do that anyway? Have you ever asked someone’s forgiveness and
been denied….or perhaps they said they forgave you but continued to
hold you at a distance?  How do you feel when you are around them?
Perhaps like you are a disgrace?

been on the outside of a circle? The one that gets left out of
conversations? events? “girls’ night out”? How do you feel? Perhaps
like you are carrying around their insults?

We can often easily see how it would feel, so how about we think how it makes others feel?

With the kids:
Grab some back packs or any old bag and ask the kids to fill it as full
as they can with their toys, etc. See who can get theirs the heaviest -
then make them put it on….or if there are siblings, have them trade
them around. Talk about how when we say something or do something mean
to someone, it is like asking them to carry that heavy backpack. Our
unkind words and actions are like a heavy load to carry around.


Psalm 15

1LORD, WHO shall dwell [temporarily] in Your tabernacle? Who shall dwell [permanently] on Your holy hill?

    2He who walks and lives uprightly and blamelessly, who works rightness and justice and speaks and thinks the truth in his heart,

    3He who does not slander with his tongue, nor does evil to his friend, nor takes up a reproach against his neighbor;

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