Sock Ons – Saving Chilly Toes Everywhere!

January 25, 2010

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Here's what Mom 4 Life, Sarah, has to say about Sock Ons:

I just wanted to give a testimony on the “Sock Ons” product that you carry.  We are forever putting Piper’s socks back on her.  Now that she’s crawling full speed ahead it seems like her socks are left behind her! :) Or she’ll manage to get one sock off in the middle of the night! Because it’s winter she really does need socks on her feet or they get cold.  I had been eyeing the Sock Ons for awhile and decided to order them.  I’ve used them every day since receiving them on Saturday and Piper has yet to loose a sock!  The material is stretchy and smooth, they are easy to get on and off, and while they keep the sock on, they don’t cut off the circulation to the foot or feel tight!  It’s a great product that have saved Piper from getting chilly toes!  

Mom 4 Life. Now that Ashley owns Mom 4 Life, I am focusing my energies in homeschooling and asking God to use me in other areas.

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