It is finished!

January 26, 2010

Our American Clay project is done!!  After the primer/sand was applied and the two coats of clay were troweled on, the walls were sprayed down and “compacted” with a trowel:

DSC_6036 copy

Then my friend Selina went over it one more time with a “tea wash” to give it a darker/aged look.

DSC_6039 copy

After that dried, I went around and touched up the tea in a few more places, removed the painters tape and drop cloths and scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed and cleaned until there was no more signs of clay/sand/dirt on the floors (only on the walls;)!

And I LOVE the final result, it looks so great.

DSC_6047 copy

DSC_6048 copy

It is difficult to really capture it in a photo but it looks a lot like stucco in texture with the color of a mossy green with the tea wash over that giving it a bit more of an aged brown tone.

I had never heard of American Clay before Selina mentioned it to me.  As described on their website, American Clay Earth Plasters are a “natural, environmentally friendly way to finish any interior. Non-toxic and made in the USA, these plasters are an alternative to cement, acrylic and lime plasters, offering superior color, richness, texture and depth not found with other finishes.”  Plus they are just plain beautiful.

My friend Selina is a ROCKSTAR for helping me out in this project!!  I
want to also mention that is available if you would like to do something like this in your home.  (no she didn’t pay me for this little commercial, I just love her that much and want others to know what an amazing job she did! :)  You can visit her Creative Juices for Decor blog or contact her by phone below.

Selina Hoit

Also, as a side note: the painting that you see by our table was done by a local artist. I had it painted in memory of Sawyer, his willow tree that is planted in our back yard and the tree described in my post titled the tree and the secret wish.

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