Valentine’s Day ideas

January 31, 2010

Still needing some Valentine’s ideas?

Prissy Poofs

Sweetheart Poof

Knotty Poof





Discontinued Seasonal

DIscontinued Gift Set

Libby Dibby Hand Stamped Necklaces

Pink Axle Edgy Soft Caps

Pink Axle Edgy Soft Caps for Babies and Toddlers (Boy's and Girl's Styles)-pink axle, edgy caps, baby hats, toddler hats, rock n roll, unique hats, soft caps, beanies

Myself Belts

Cozy Cocoon Cuff

Cozy Cocoon Cuffs Cocoon with Matching Hat-usa, cozy cocoon, swaddle, swaddling, cozy cuffs

Born to Love Visor Beanies

Visor Beanie Hats by Born To Love-born to love, hats, baby hats, urban, visor beanie

Love [Bump] Maternity Tees

Love [Bump] Maternity V-Necks-valentines [bump] maternity v-neck, valentine, tees, t-shirts, tops, valentine

Sara Nursing Bra with Red Lace by Nummies

Sara Nursing Bra with Red Lace by Nummies-valentine

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