The Snuggle Me’z: an ideal car seat blanket and cover

February 10, 2010

If I were to create a list of my favorite winter baby products the Snuggle Me’z would be toward the very top of that list.  This combo car seat snuggler and blanket is the perfect product for our cold weather.  I don’t ever have to worry about having a blanket with us when we leave the house because it is built right in!  I simply put Quinten in, zip up the Snuggle Me’z and we are ready to go.  It can’t be kicked off or pulled up over his face.  Because it fits securely around the outer edge of his car seat the Snuggle Me’z also won’t get in the way of the car seat base as I snap it in.  In addition, the design wraps over the car seat so there is no interference with the car seat straps.

Perhaps my favorite feature of the Snuggle Me’z is the attached fabric cover.  Not only is this cover perfect for blocking cold wind or snow (or even the occasional bright winter sunlight), but it has proven to be IDEAL when nap time comes to call.  There have been countless times that we have been away from home during nap time.  When this happens, I simply cover him up and rock him to sleep right in his car seat.

When we are not in need of the cover, it rolls up securely with the attached Velcro tabs (see below for a diagram).

I will admit that the price on the Snuggle Me’z is higher than what I would normally spend on a product that is seasonal.  However, when I consider the time that Quinten spends in his car seat (going to the store, getting Hunter from school, going to church, friend’s houses, etc.). I can safely say that (with the exception of the Pack N Play that he sleeps in and his sleep sack) in the last three months I have used the Snuggle Me’z more than any other baby product that I own.  Not only that but I have been thankful for it every single time!

  • 100% cotton fabric outside
  • Cozy ivory minky fabric inside
  • Reversible
  • Machine washable
  • Universal fit
  • Comes with iron-on Velcro tabs to secure top blanket
  • Made in the USA

Mom inventor, Alisa Kress (shown below with her husband and two boys) tells the story behind the Snuggle Me’z: “We wanted to find a simple way to take out our new bundle of joy
without blankets falling off, dragging down the grocery store aisles,
or the elements of the world interfering with his sleep. That doesn’t
seem like too much to ask for but there was nothing on today’s market
to satisfy our needs. I sat down with my husband Kevin and developed Snuggle Me’z™, a fun, new, completely functional way to travel with
your little ones all in the comfort of their own infant car seat.”

Use Snuggle Me’z™ with our without the blanket attachment

If you choose not to use the blanket, roll it up and secure with the Velcro tabs.

When ready for use, unroll the blanket and place it in between the car seat shade and handle

Every Snuggle Me’z™ comes with a pacifier or toy loop built in

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