Julia, meet my husband

February 22, 2010

*Not every husband would watch Julie & Julia with their wife.

*Not every husband would look up the Beef Bourguignon recipe made in the movie and print it off (all three pages of it).


*Not every husband would make a list that week and go shopping for the burgundy wine, pearl onions, mushrooms, beef stew. . . that they didn't have on hand at home.

*Not every husband would offer to cook above stated French Beef Bourguignon (with a rating of "difficult") for dinner.

*Not every husband would persistently cube and brown the beef, boil the bacon, peel and simmer the 18-24 pearl onions along with the other 20+ steps needed to finish this dish.



*Not every husband would work on cooking this Beef Bourguignon recipe for an hour and realize at 6:00 PM that now it needs to cook in the oven for 2-3 hours (after which there are 14 additional steps before completion).

*Not every husband would be wiling to invite company over (the next night) for dinner to enjoy the new stew he had made.


*Not every wife can enjoy a masterfully home cooked French recipe.  I can.

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