The Gooling Pillow: how many ways can we use it?

February 23, 2010

Every so often I discover that a product on Mom 4 Life has more uses than I expected.  The My Gooling Body Pillow by Hedy's Creations has been just such a product.  Originally created to be a set of toddler sized body pillows, we at the Ledeboer house have found they can be useful for so much more:

-Nursing pillows: They offer just the right amount of support when I put one under my arm and one under my leg as I nurse on the couch.


-Tummy time pillow: When Quinten was younger we propped him up with a My Gooling pillow as he explored his world face down with his protective "Spider Man" brother at his side:).


-Creative play pillow: It didn't take long for Hunter and Ashlyn to come up with their own uses for the My Gooling pillows.  The (removable/washable) slip covers created the perfect place for them to slip in their arms magically transforming them into robots with super powers!  This takes the concept of a pillow fight to a whole new level:)!


-I also use the matching tote bag for bringing items to play dates or as a reusable grocery bag OR (as shown in the image below) for carrying the items needed for our afternoon "carpet picnics" downstairs.  Please note the adorable lunch Hunter packed for us (Two bananas, two apples, two pistachios, two suckers, two honey candies and two chocolates)!


Mom inventor Hedy explains the history behind her unique product:

"The My Gooling is a body pillow for toddlers. This body pillow is essentially a long cylindrical shape, light weight, and easy for a toddler to hug and giving comfort like a security blanket. My Gooling is originated from the word "goeling" which means bolster and is derived from the former East Indies known now as Indonesia.

In addition, the concept behind My Gooling really goes back to my childhood. My nationality is Dutch/Indonesian and I was born in Indonesia which was a Dutch colony at that time. Growing up we were given these bolster pillows as a comfort pillow to sleep with. These pillows are commonly used in the Southeast Asian countries. And because these pillows had given me that extra sense of comfort and security, I wanted to pass it on to my children. So the tradition continues and has now been passed on to both my daughters and their kids and their friends.

I hope you and your toddler will enjoy My Goolings like I do!"


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