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March 02, 2010

Ok girls, confession time (and yes, I still think of us as girls, you never age as quickly in your mind as your body):

I am somewhat of a cleaner and an organizer, no real surprise there if you have read this blog very long.  Recently I realized something sort of embarrassing: I almost never clean my kitchen sink.  I clean out my sink all the time, putting the dishes in the dishwasher and such but actually scrubbing it, nope haven’t been doing it.  Maybe once a week?  Ok I only said that to keep you from freaking out at the real answer–about once every two weeks!  YIKES I know, disgusting at best.

But there is good news, I have taken a new “baby step” to start making my own non toxic household cleaners.  First on the list:

Non Toxic Homemade Scouring Powder

1 c. baking soda (about $6.66 at Costco for a 13.5 pound bag)
1/4 c. borax (about $3.39 at my local FredMeyer for a 4 pound 12 oz box)
A few drops of essential oil (optional) I use about 10-15 drops of both orange oil and grapefruit oil (both are about $5.59 each at SuperSupplements) and it gives the cleaner a lovely citrus smell while adding some extra disinfectant properties.  You could pick one essential oil, I just happen to have these two on hand so I use them both.

Mix all ingredients and put into a shaker.  Use it just as you might use Comet.  If you are able to buy the baking soda and borax in a large quantity the price of this cleaner is just amazingly small.

Now each evening as I clean the kitchen after dinner I sprinkle my sink down with my scouring powder and scrub it clean.  It works really, really well and smells wonderful.  I can almost hear your thoughts of “well its about time” gentle applause at my new routine.

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