A Little Note About Fire Safety

March 16, 2010

Have you ever talked to your kids about what to do in case of fire?  I know we've told our son to get out of the house if he can, and if he can't, stay low and Mommy, Daddy, or a firefighter will come for him.  Chances are that either you or your child's teacher has said something about fire safety, but I want to share something with you that my 5-year-old learned from a visit to the fire station that I never in a million years thought to tell my child.

Make lots of noise and don't hide from the firefighters.

The reason for lots of noise is, of course, so the firefighters can find the child better.  Also, the firefighter going to find your child probably won't know your child's name to call it, so it's best to teach your child to make noise to draw the firefighters to him or her instead of waiting to be called.

Fires are scary things and it is quite tempting for a young child to hide from the firefighters.  As an adult, I know I want the firefighters to find me, but I suppose I forgot to look at it from a child's perspective.  After all, firefighters are big, carry strange equipment, and wear masks.  Some fire stations allow visitors so children can see all the gear that will be used.  Remind your child that firefighters are there to help and never hide from them.

If you haven't talked to your child about what to do in case of fire, I encourage you to do so now. Make a plan that all members of your family know and it might even be fun for them to act out some "fire drills" in your home every now and then (complete with smoke detector alarm and all).  I hope this information works for you.

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