Food, Family, and Memories

March 17, 2010

My husband’s
grandfather passed away this past week. Both of my grandfathers died before I
was born. So, when we got married, I told Grandpa that I claimed him as my own.
We are truly mourning the loss of a well loved man.

It may be that I have a slight obsession with food and
cooking (OK… more than slight), but I realized that a good percentage of my good and
happy memories with family are tied to the dinner table.  My best memories of Grandpa are from family dinners. He and
Gram would gather the extended family every Sunday for a meal of mammoth
proportions. It was a chance to talk, play, argue, and just BE family. I want
that for my children. The old tradition of “breaking bread” really and truly
does hold merit. Eating is something we all must do. Why not share and
enjoy that time together?

It seemed apropos that the day Grandpa left earth to meet
Jesus, we had already unknowingly planned our dinner menu in tribute: Grandpa’s
Salad with pasta. It was bitter sweet that night as the kiddos gathered around the salad
bowl, sneaking olives and cucumbers when they thought we weren’t looking. As our
youngest learned the fine art of putting olives on your fingertips to make
puppets, we choked back tears, thinking of how Grandpa would be proud of that
little olive eater.

Do you have a favorite recipe that brings back family
memories? Is there something that, each time you eat it, you remember a special
time together? Grandpa’s recipe is one we will never forget. It isn’t fancy,
but it sure is good.

Here’s Grandpa recipe on The Queen of Brussels Sprouts Blog …

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