A trip down memory lane and the friend that I met there

March 30, 2010

I want to introduce Kira, a dear "bosom friend". 

God brought her
into my life at a very low time–though Google of all things. 
Here is the condensed version of the story:

I have a blog.
has a blog.
I live in North Idaho.
Kira lives in North Idaho.
does not know Kira.
Kira only knows of Heather because she has shopped
her super rockin' website, Mom 4 Life (and yes since this is my version
of the story I can dr. it any way i wish;).
Kira learns of the loss
of Heather's son Sawyer.
Kira starts reading Heather's blog.
One day
Kira writes a post on her blog
about Heather
Google Alerts notifies Heather that someone has
written something with a link to Mom 4 Life.
Heather checks it out. 
is deeply touched by Kira's post.
On June 23, 2008 at 9:27 AM Heather leaves a comment on
her blog post asking Kira if she wants to get together
Kira and
Heather do get together and find they are going to be good friends.
husbands meet and agree that they will be good friends.
Their kids
meet and, yup you guessed it, good friends.
Fast forward 2 years to the month:
Heather's youngest son Quinten is born one month after Kira's youngest son.
Kira and Heather have already decided they will be
good friends.
Heather believes that it was actually God (using Google Alerts) that brought the two of them together.

You never know when God might introduce you to your next bosom friend, keep your eyes open!

Mom 4 Life. Now that Ashley owns Mom 4 Life, I am focusing my energies in homeschooling and asking God to use me in other areas.

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