Finger Print Rainbow Mobile

April 08, 2010

Good morning Mom4Life followers. I'm excited to be doing yet another guest blog post for Heather today. My family is so delighted that spring is officially here, but unfortunately so is the rain. We tried to make light of the gloomy weather this week by creating something a little more colorful, a rainbow! Even though we see & talk about them all the time, this is my daughter's first experience creating a rainbow. Great project, but if your little one isn't a fan of getting their fingers in on the fun, you could try using a circle stamp of some sort. (Ex. dipping a cork, pencil eraser or the end of a glue stick)  For most, the whole experience of painting with fingers is fun & they do enjoy getting a bit messy! I planned on having my daughter use her fingers to paint the clouds also, but plans changed & we used a brush instead.

Supplies: *White construction paper, *Washable Paints, *Glue, *Scissors, *Crayons, *Paint brush, *Ribbon


To Begin- 1. I started by cutting out a rainbow. Basically a large half circle that I made even by tracing a large mixing bowl I had in my kitchen. I also cut the clouds free hand, simply two puffy-edged circles. If you're really not into free hand cutting, head over to s.b.creatively & find a link for a couple simple templates. Don't worry if they don't look the way you'd like, once they're painted they will look fabulous!

 2. Start by using a red crayon to draw a line along the outside edge that will be used as a guide for your child's finger prints. (You can see the line under my daughter's red prints in the picture below.)


3. When the red line is covered, go ahead & draw an orange line directly under the red arch & let your child start placing orange prints along the line.

4. Repeat with the colors yellow, green, blue & violet.


5. Once the colors are finished, cut out the unpainted upside down "U" shape below the purple arch to complete the rainbow shape.

6. Now for the clouds. You can let your child place blue finger/hand prints all over the clouds to cover them OR you can allow them to paint the blue on with a brush like we chose to.

7. Allow time for the paint to dry & then you can tie the pieces together with string/ribbon to complete your colorful mobile!

My daughter's mobile is hanging in the kitchen window of our house so we can see it from inside & out! She'll gladly tell everyone we see to check it out… so very proud! If you're looking for other fun projects for you little ones, don't forget to visit my blog s.b.creatively.  Have a great rest of the week, Enjoy! s.b.

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