“Green” clean tip for garbage disposals

April 12, 2010

The garbage disposal in my sink has a tendency to collect items. Sometimes, I think there is a tiny little pack rat monster in there holding onto things just so that I can wake up to a surprise in the morning: a stinky sink!

My favorite cleaner for the stinky garbage disposal monster comes from my refrigerator. Just grab a lime or lemon from your fruit bin (today it was two key limes since that is what I had). Slice your chosen citrus in half (quarters if it is big). Toss the pieces into your disposal. Run really hot water over it until you smell that marvelous citrus aroma instead of the stinky garbage disposal smell. Turn the water down to a trickle. Then, turn on the disposal. Let it run until the citrus is gone. The oils and acid from the rind as well as the fruit inside are a perfectly lovely way to clean out your disposal.

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