Today Our Familiy Ate A Rainbow

April 13, 2010

Fruits and veggies.  Good things, healthy things.  Not always my kid’s favorite things.  I like them, why don’t they?  I should specify, fruits are our friends, we love fruit homemade fruit shakes jam packed with several servings of fruit each day.  I have been unwilling to give up up hope that someday my kids will also enjoy veggies.  Stage one in my endeavor has been the sneaky recipes route (adding pureed veggies into our foods).  The techniques that I have learned through sneakiness has proven to be valuable and I continue to do this with many of the foods that I make.  Stage two is now more direct and involves simply trying new recipes and methods of cooking the veggies in the hopes of finding something we all enjoy and working on the repeated exposure to these foods.

I was made aware of the Today I Ate A Rainbow chart and felt that it fit perfectly with my stage two goals.  Kia, the mom inventor was very kind and offered to send my kids a chart to try out.  The concept behind Today I Ate A Rainbow is to create a daily goal to consume a fruit or vegetable from each color of the rainbow.  Each color that my kids eat, earns them a magnet on the rainbow chart marking their progress.  Once a magnet is each column there is a special celebration as they sing the Today I Ate a Rainbow song.  The first time that I showed Hunter the chart he saw “beets” listed as a suggested food in the red column.
Hunter: “Mom, what is a beet?”
Me: “Well I have some in the kitchen, want to try one?”
Hunter (eyes wide): “You DO?”
Me: “I do!”
He tries it and scrunches up his nose while saying “Well I don’t like it but I am still going to eat it”.
Me (smiling): “That is awesome buddy, I am proud of you.”

Since that time I have (as you know) worked on using beets in our foods (such as in our cakes and eggs)!

My kids have really taken to the concept of the rainbow chart and it is pretty adorable to hear them sing the rainbow song of celebration!  And just yesterday Hunter asked me to make sure I added beets to my grocery list;).

Mom 4 Life Dara S also tried out this product and LOVES it, she wrote a lovely “rainbow” review on her blog.  I don’t care who you are, helping children to learn to enjoy a wider, healthier variety of food is always a good thing.  For this we say “Thank you Kia!” for your creative product that supports healthy living.

Below is an image that shows the “Today I Ate A Rainbow” chart and if you click on the image you will hear Hunter singing the “rainbow song”.

Mom 4 Life. Now that Ashley owns Mom 4 Life, I am focusing my energies in homeschooling and asking God to use me in other areas.

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