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April 20, 2010

Recently I started a search for a new car seat as Quinten was tipping the scales past the 21 pound threshold.  It occurred to me that perhaps the reason for the 21 pound limit in Quinten’s first car seat was more of a safety precaution for mothers like me who are no longer able to endure the physical toll of carrying it.

As you might guess, I do a fair share of baby product evaluation for Mom 4 Life.  Nursing covers and teethers are right up my alley.  Larger purchases like baby cribs, strollers and car seats are slightly more stressful for me.  Let me be clear that I did not enjoy the car seat shopping process.  First, it was deciding if Quinten would get a new seat or instead graduate into Ashlyn’s seat and if so, if Ashlyn would get a new seat or would move to Hunter’s in which case Hunter would need a new seat.  This quickly complicated matters as I needed to research more than one kind of seat (one for a 9 month old and one for a 6 year old) and weigh the pros and cons, prices, reviews, safety reports and features of both.  I was entirely overwhelmed and for a short period of time I contemplated a transition from a stay at home mom to a stay at home family which would allow me to avoiding the process entirely.

However, when hope seemed all but lost some kind mothers on our facebook fan page had pity on me and offered some suggestions and my search narrowed as I honed in on the car seat that would eventually become part of our vans interior for at least the next 44 pounds of Quinten’s life.  Perhaps the biggest surprise of the entire process was the warm welcome that Hunter and Ashlyn gave to the car seat box.  It entertained them for days until I took pity on it and helped move it along to cardboard heaven.  I have a short video clip showing day number three of the box play.  There is a bonus section at the end of Quinten blowing raspberries, it is totally worth the watch in my opinion;)!

Quinten has settled into his new seat nicely and Trent and I are very happy with it.  We decided on The First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat.  We love the high saftey rating, the “one touch” height adjustment straps that don’t require re-threading, the cover that can be snapped off and washed without removing the straps, the energy absorbing EPP foam on the sides and headrest and the fact that he can stay in it until he weighs 65 pounds.

How about you?  Perhaps you are looking for a car seat or just found one you really like.  Let us know what you have found or any great websites you have discovered to help you in your search.  I found this booster seat saftey evaluation information to be very helpful in picking out the booster seat that we decided on for Hunter.

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