Solutions for storing children’s art & displaying scrapbook layouts

April 21, 2010

Occasionally I have faint memories of hobbies that I used to enjoy but haven't touched in quite some time. One such hobby is scrapbooking.  I started scrapbooking just before Trent and I got married.  At that time I didn't realize that I was doing something that was an "official" hobby.  Instead of using scrapbook paper, I was making due by cutting out backgrounds and words from magazines for my layouts.  When I discovered that there were entire stores dedicated to the craft of scrapbooking I was elated.  When Hunter was born, I was so excited to make use of the "baby themed" paper from my local scrapbooking store that I had several layouts finished by the time we had his baby shower at our Church.  I remember the ladies commenting on how amazed they were that I was able to get them done with a new baby.  I also remember thinking that I would not be one of those moms that has a ton of photos of their first baby and less than a ton for their additional children *sign* oh well. . .

I still enjoy scrapbooking, but the difference is that now I enjoy thinking about it and looking at layouts that I did in the past.  I haven't sat down to do a new layout in over a year.  At that time I was working on Ashlyn's baby book.  This week Ashlyn and I were looking at those pages and she was marveling at how little she was and admiring the dresses she was wearing in the photos.  

Despite the fact that I haven't created any new layouts lately I have found a way to enjoy the layouts that are completed.  I found a company online called DynamicFrames.  I found them when doing a search for ideas on displaying my chidren's art.  They have an entire line of frames that make displaying your photos or children's art work unique and easy.  Their frames are really well made and come with a template that makes hanging them all the wall a snap (offering more than one hanging option and including the hardware needed).  Once it is hung, you can open up the frame from the front with the lift of a latch allowing you to chose which of your stored photos you want to display.  The photos (or layouts) are held in place with special built-in spring loaded pockets.  When you close the door and secure the latch, your photos are instantly framed.  They have frames that display 1-8 photos at once and can store a large number of photos at a time. 


Although DynamicFrames has many frame choices, my personal favorites are:

-The 12×12 frame that is perfect for storing (up to 25 layouts) and displaying your scrapbook pages in style.
-The Lil Davinchi was created for storing (up to 50 pieces) and displaying your child's art work.


Not only do I think these frames are a great option for organizing and displaying photos and art, but I think they would make a fantastic gift for Mother's day!  What mother or grandmother wouldn't love to be able to quickly and easily update her frame with the latest photos of her children or grandchildren?

When I contacted DynamicFrames to tell them how much I loved the concept of their frames they sent me the 12×12 frame to review.  They are offering Mom 4 Life blog readers a 15% discount.  Simply use the code "DR15".  This code will take 15% off of all but the bundled items (which are already 15% off).

Mom 4 Life. Now that Ashley owns Mom 4 Life, I am focusing my energies in homeschooling and asking God to use me in other areas.

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