5 iphone apps for kids that I love

April 27, 2010

I have an iphone.  When they first came out my husband and I watched Steve Jobs present it online with wide eyes.  I never really expected to own one, I was pretty content to just drool over them and be happy that such an amazing piece of technology existed in the world. 

Although I would consider myself to be pretty savvy online, I couldn't say the same for my cell phone usage.  I had never even sent a text until sometime last year when a friend texted me and I was forced to figure out a way to reply.  It took me so long to find the right buttons that I realized I could have called her back three times in the time it took me to reply via text.  The cell phone I had been using was so very, very basic that my friends loved to tease me about it (no problem though, my self esteem is still pretty intact ;)

However, last year though some amazing miracle the services that we needed my cell phone to provide for my business made the iphone a better deal overall than the phone I owned at the time.   Once I was practically forced to get a new phone, I figured that I may as well embrace this new technology with open arms and started exploring the amazing world of iphone applications.  In case a few of you have found yourself in a similar place, I thought I would share 5 of my favorite kids iphone apps.  I have a feeling that you might have some good ones to share with me too.  If so, please leave a comment letting me know which ones you like so we can all benefit!

1. KidCalc (1.99)
Looking for a great math app?  KidCalc covers concepts such as number recognition,
writing numbers, counting (in increments of 1,2,3 on up to 100!),
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using flash cards,
puzzle games and more.  The graphic are cute, the kids voice overs are
fun and because you can customize the game to fit the abilities of your
child, they can use it from preschool age through elementary school as
they learn to count as high as 1,000!  They have frequent updates too so
your value continues to improve as they add new games and features. 
This one is totally worth the price!

iPhone Screenshot 2

Toddler Teasers Shapes

This free app is simple but it works!  It prompts the child to touch the
correct shape.  If an incorrect shape is touched it disappears and your
child tries again.  Once the correct shape is touched, kids cheer. 
After four correct answers your child ears a sticker reward that they
get to "stick" anywhere on the "sticker collection" screen.  Ashlyn
loves this game and I like the creative use of the sticker reward.

iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 2

Farm Friends (0.99)

This is just like the game we had as kids only portable!  Especially
ideal for young kids due to the ease of use.  Simply touch the middle of
the screen and the pointer spins landing on a random animal causing
that animal to shake and provide its sound.

iPhone Screenshot 1

4. FirstWords ($1.99-there is also a
free lite version)

The FirstWords app has a very simply interface that children can quickly
understand.  Simply slide the letters from the bottom of the screen to
the correct place within the word as the letters are repeated out loud
on the phone.  A correct word and the app says the letters in order and
then the word all together followed by clapping and the picture coming
alive with sound. The graphics are cute and the reinforcement of using
letters to build words is great.  Both Ashlyn (4) and Hunter (6) enjoy
this one.  Hunter is learning spelling while he plays and Ashlyn is
learning how words are built plus you are able to adjust the difficult
level to best match the abilities of younger or older children.

iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 2

Kids Eat For ($2.99)

I reviewed
the Kids Eat For app
back in August and since that time the price
has come down by $1.  This app shows you local eating places that have
"Kids Eat Free" deal.  I shows you which days of the week the deals
apply along
with providing the directions to the restaurant and contact info.  It is
super awesome on road trips too so grab this one before your next
family vacation!

iPhone Screenshot 5

iPhone Screenshot 3

So which apps do you like?  I will be following up on Thursday with a post of my 5 favorite free apps (ones that I use as a mom) so you can be on the lookout for that!

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