5 free iphone apps that I love

April 29, 2010

On Tuesday I shared with you 5 iphone apps for kids that we love.  BUT who am I kidding, I didn't get my phone for my kids, I got it for me:)!  So here are 5 of my favorite apps that I use all the time.  The great thing is that they are also free AND if you don't have a phone that can utilize these apps, they all have a web interface that will allow you to enjoy their services as well.

1. Facebook (free)
If you use facebook, you will love the option of updating your status on the go with your iphone.  It is super easy to take a photo, add a caption and instantly update your status or check your favorite fan pages to see what the latest specials or discounts or new products are (i.e. Mom 4 Life ;)

iPhone Screenshot 1

2. Fotobabble (free)
Take a photo, add your voice and share, easy peesy!  I love this. It is easy but fun.  A great new way to quickly share personality plus photos with friends or family.  I have already used it for both business and for fun.  You can check out my Fotobabbles here.  Don't have an iphone?  Just go to the Fotobabble website to set up your free account and use their fun service there!

iPhone Screenshot 1

3. Pandora (free)
If you haven't tried out Pandora I think you will love this.  You start by creating your own personal "station" based on an artist, song or classical composer whose music you like.  Then, sit back as Pandora plays their music and music that is similar!  Like the songs they choose?  You can give them a "thumbs up" and it will continue to adjust your personal station to your preferences.  Don't like a song choice?  Give it a "thumbs down" and it won't play that one again!  If you have a music docking station for your iphone this is a great option for listening to your own personalized music in your home.  Again, even if you don't have an iphone, you can enjoy Pandora on your computer!  Oh and I just have to clarify that the little screen shot images in this post are not from my phone cause I have no idea what "Swizz Beatz" music is and I am pretty sure I wouldn't like it.

iPhone Screenshot 3

iPhone Screenshot 5

4. Google Reader (free)
I have a hard time keeping up with blogs.  Using Google Reader on my iphone allows me to catch up as I am waiting in line at the store or having some "private" time in the bathroom (just be very careful, iphones and toilets don't mix well).  I am automatically updated when a blog that I follow has a new update.  As I read the posts, it is noted.  I can "star" posts that I really like to come back to later.  Don't have an iphone?  Use Google Reader directly on your computer.

iPhone Screenshot 2

5. Allrecipes' Dinner Spinner (free)
When I decided to start cooking with more beans, this app was the first one I turned to.  I asked it to give me "main dishes" using "legumes" and "any cook time" and gave it a spin!  There were 62 matches awaiting me including the Mexican Bean Burgers that we have now had twice (they are super yummy!).  I also love the option to email a recipe to a friend (or myself) and the fact that I can read all the reviews and feedback from others who have tried the recipe (including their suggested changes).  No iphone, go directly to All recipes and explore directly on your computer!

iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 3
iPhone Screenshot 4

I love my iphone but the one thing that I don't love is that my battery never
seems to run out at the right time.  I carry my charger cord with me in my
purse so I can charge up in the car but somehow I still find myself running
out of juice at the wrong times.  If you can relate to this you might be
interested in the mophie juice pack air.  This handy little baby almost doubles
my battery life while also serving as a protective case.  I was sent one to try
out and I have to say that I am impressed.  I have the option of when to utilize
the extra battery life that the morphie provides and it has an indicator so that
I can see how much extra battery time is left.  The only downside that I have
come across so far is that I have to remove my iphone from the mophie case
in order to doc it into our stereo.  However, because my phone gets charged
when plugged into the stereo it is almost a non issue.  Also, because the iphone
is so darn slim adding the mophie case does make it seem bigger.  However,
I personally didn't mind and the extra thickness actually made it easier to talk
on the phone while balancing it between my ear and shoulder while I try to do
something mommish like (changing a diaper).

Your turn!  What iphone apps do you like?  I would love to hear from you.

P.S. This is a totally free bonus.  I have to share my friend Kira's blog post about her iphone/toilet "incident".  If nothing else it is guaranteed to make you smile, or your money back!

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