5.10.10 Celebrating Sawyer’s Second Birthday

May 10, 2010

8:40 PM Hunter reflecting on the day: “We spent ALL our day having fun!”

No school.
No work.
Just a day planned together.

Far too many days are spent being ruled by a schedule.   There is always somewhere to be and a time you need to be there by.

Far too often I find myself saying no to something my kids ask because that is easier.

Not today.

Today we had a plan, but it was flexible.  We had an agenda, but it was simply to have fun together.

What’s that Hunter?  You want to stop at Super 1 Foods and get some
sourdough bread?  Okay, lets do that!  Hey, lets get some candy while we
are there!

Lets draw some pictures for your brother Sawyer, and float them up to the sky in balloons!

DSC_6578 copy

DSC_6582 copy

We should probably have lunch at Red Robin so we can get some free balloons!

DSC_6590 copy

Oh wait!  These pictures are heavy; we are going to need to get more
balloons (lets send Hunter back into Red Robin to ask for more)!

DSC_6598 copy

Good bye balloons!

DSC_6604 copy

Stop to pick some flowers.

DSC_6586 copy

Throw pebbles in the water.

Ride on a carousel.

DSC_6616 copy

Feed the ducks.

DSC_6632 copy

Enjoy the view.

DSC_6634 copy

Pick some more flowers.

DSC_6595 copy

Get some candy.

DSC_6652 copy

DSC_6644 copy

You want to take your shoes and socks off while you swing Ashlyn?  Sounds good, lets get them off!

DSC_6643 copy

Enjoy the view of the river.

DSC_6679 copy

Enjoy each other.

DSC_6671 copy

Take time to enjoy the flowers.

DSC_6683 copy

Go to outer space (via the wonder of IMAX) and marvel at God’s phenomenal universe.

Order a milkshake.

DSC_6695 copy

Eat good food.  Talk about Sawyer.

DSC_6698 copy

Eat with your hands.
DSC_6701 copy


DSC_6696 copy

Catch up on missed naps on the ride home.

DSC_6704 copy

Count our blessings.

There are a few advantages to taking the journey into the shadow of death.  One is that you can appreciate the light more deeply than ever before.

We want to offer our heartfelt thanks to all the support you have shown us during this last week.  Your prayers, emails, calls and letters have given us encouragement and humbled us.  We truly are not in this journey alone.  Thank you for walking with us.

Mom 4 Life. Now that Ashley owns Mom 4 Life, I am focusing my energies in homeschooling and asking God to use me in other areas.

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