Just 3 more minutes

May 17, 2010

Life’s fragile nature has been brought to my attention over and over again lately. Heather’s posts on this blog have really cut to the core of my heart. Then, my own family has started the battle against cancer with one I love. My neighbor is battling cancer as well. The need to take each moment for what it is worth is so true.

My 4 kiddos are growing so fast. It seems the more I have, the faster they grow ;) . When I was pregnant with the 4th, I was talking with a mom in the doctor’s office. Somehow, we got onto the topic of how fast kids grow. She said that with each child, she practices the “3 more minutes rule”. She went on to explain that while she is holding a child, and it is time to lay them down to sleep (or whatever), she looks at the clock and holds them for 3 more minutes. That was her time to cherish that moment with her child. I wish I had gotten her name. Our little off the cuff conversation really touched my life.

The recent reminders have helped me remember to re-instate the “3 More Minutes Rule” in my home and heart. My little Prince Charming is SO big already. He weighs 30 lbs (at 17 months), but he still wants me to hold and dance with him at night (to his lullaby music). So, when my back is aching and my arms are about to give way, I look at the clock and tell myself “3 more minutes”. Those are my minutes to hold and pray for this little dude that God has placed in my arms.

With my big girls, it is different. Sometimes, they still want to snuggle. Other times, it is just to chat about something “silly” or walk in the garden looking for flowers. So, I tell myself “just 3 more minutes” even when I need to get back to work on whatever “mom” duty I have to do.

Try the 3 More Minute Rule with your little ones. I promise you won’t regret it!

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