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June 03, 2010

You may have noticed that we haven’t added any new products to our site lately.  Not to worry, we haven’t fallen asleep behind the wheel, quite the contrary in fact.  Let me fill you in on what has been going on behind the scenes at Mom 4 Life.

Several months ago we asked for feedback on a new website design.  Your helpful comments and suggestions were all taken into consideration.  The design for our new site is finished and now we are working on tweaking and updating the “new site” before it goes live. Want a peek?  Here are just a few of our favorite new features (click on the images to see a larger, more detailed image):

This new site is going to have “search” feature that is much more detailed allowing you to search by a number of parameters including words, price, category and weight:

You will have the option to leave a review for products you have purchased (and read reviews from others):

We will have tabs at the top of the product descriptions to help you find the info you need quickly with less scrolling (please note that the exact wording of these tabs is still being modified):

The categories will have roll over sub-categories allowing you to navigate with less clicking to find exactly what you are looking for:

There are several more great features that we can’t wait to share with you but we will save those for later. . .

Before the new site goes live there are some other changes we are making on the back end, one of which are the names of the product categories.  We are working on updating the category names so that they are more user friendly and take the guessing out of where to find what.  We would like to show you what we have in mind below.  We welcome any feedback you might have.  The bold words are the suggested “main” categories that will show up on the left side of the website.  Under the bold main category headings are the suggested sub-categories that will appear if you put your cursor over the main category.  A few sub-categories have an additional sub-sub-category.
Did we forget any category names that you think belong?  Are any of the categories confusing?  Can you think of any products that we carry that don’t seem to “fit” in a category listed currently?  Any feedback you provide now will help us in making sure that Mom 4 Life provides a great shopping experience for you every time.  Thank you SO MUCH in advance!

–Maternity Tops
–Maternity Bottoms
–Maternity Dresses
–Maternity/Nursing Tops
–Maternity Accessories
–Announcements, Keepsakes & Journals
Labor & Delivery
Labor Support
–Delivery Gowns
–Abdominal & Hip Compression
–Soothers & C-Section Healing
–Mommy Wear

–Nursing Bras
–Nursing Tanks & Camis
–Nursing Clothing
–Nursing Sleepwear
–Nursing Covers
–Nursing Pads & Breast Soothers
–Nursing Pillows
–Milk Storage
–Nursing Education
–Nursing Reminders, Accessories & Jewelry
–Burp Cloths
Babies & Kids
–Just 4 Newborns
–Bottles & Sippies
–Pacifiers, Teethers, & Accessories
–Bibs & Aprons
–Swaddling & Sleepwear
–Fashion Accessories
–Legwarmers & Socks
–Headbands & Hair Clips
–Toys & Tutus
–Special Needs
Meal Time
–Place Mats, Bibs, & Accessories
–High Chairs
–Bottles & Sippies
–Eating Out
–Snack Time & Food Storage
–Meal Planning & Preparation
–Baby Carriers
–Baby Carrier Accessories
Education, Organization, & Safety

–DVD’s & CD’s
–Safety First
–Get Organized!
Diaper Duty & Potty Training
–Diapers & Wipes
–Diaper Bags
–Changing Pads & Stations
–Potty Training Aids
Bed Time
–Blankets & Pillows
–Swaddling & Sleepwear
–4 the Crib
Bath & Skin Care
–It’s Bath Time!
–Skin & Body Care
Go Green!
–Organics 4 Kids
–Organics 4 Mom
–Diapers & Accessories
–BPA & Phatalate Free
Out & About
–Strollers & Accessories
–Diaper Bags & Changing Accessories
–In the Car
–Shopping & Dining
–UV Protection
–Playing Outside
Gifts, Keepsakes & Decor
–Gifts 4 Mom
—–Mommy Wear
–Gifts 4 Dad
—–Babywearing & Bags
—–Keepsakes 4 Dad
–Gifts 4 Grandparents

Mom 4 Life. Now that Ashley owns Mom 4 Life, I am focusing my energies in homeschooling and asking God to use me in other areas.

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