French Fry Cupcakes

June 15, 2010

Hunter has a summer birthday.  His last day of school was on Wednesday the 9th.  He came home on Monday the 7th and informed me that if he was going to celebrate his “unbirthday” at school, he needed to do so “tomorrow”.  A quick burst of panic arose within me as I tried to assess what I might have on hand to make for him to bring as a snack.  Then I breathed a sigh of relief remembering that we had planned on making cookies that evening anyway.  “Perfect” I thought, “cookies will be perfect”.
Then we took our daily trip to the post office and stopped at the library on the way home.

THIS is when I saw the irresistible cupcake decorating book on the “new books” shelf called What’s New, Cupcake?


THIS is when I decided that cookies would be SO boring.

THIS is when I remembered that I simply “had” to go to the grocery store to get some pound cake, frosting, and cake mix so that I could make “French Fry Cupcakes”.



THIS is when I pretended that I had planned Hunter’s super cute and totally awesome unbirthday treat ALL YEAR!

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