Let’s Give Honor for Father’s Day

June 17, 2010

The following is a post that I wrote for Those With Young (A blog written by Angela who is our customer service assistant):

As Father’s Day approaches I have been watching my husband with a refined view and have been looking at him from the perspective of my children.  What I see blesses me greatly.  My husband chooses to take an active role in my children’s lives and participates in all the little things that will be remembered for years to come.   Tonight as he got on the floor to read the bible with our kids and then run around the living room to play the “good night” game, I came away with a spirit of gratefulness.

My children are truly blessed to have the father that they do, and I am blessed to be his wife. Let me just take a moment to brag on him:

He gets up at 5:30 each morning so that he can finish work early in the afternoon to be with us.  During this last school year he stopped working from 7-8 AM in order to get the kids fed and ready for the day while I spent an hour catching up on Mom 4 Life emails.  Later in the day he would take Ashlyn and Quinten while he went to pick up Hunter from school while I had another block of time to work.  This enabled me to be with the kids (and not working) while they are home.  He willingly helps out with dinner and is happy to help get the kids ready for bed while I clean up afterward.  If I have something that needs to be done around the house he almost always says, “lets just do it now”!  I could never call him lazy, he has worked around our home in countless ways and is currently working on building us a chicken coop and putting in a fence so we can get a family dog.   He makes wise decisions and is trustworthy and kind.  His playful attitude is a joy to be around and the kids love listening as he makes up crazy stories or acts out some silly play.  As I write this he is outside chopping wood so that we will be warm this coming winter.  Most importantly he loves the Lord and and has a relationship with God that is real and evident in his life.  I could go on and on. . .

In thinking of how we can bless him back, I have been reflecting on my relationship with him.  Father’s Day can often be about “the gift” or “special activities” that fathers will receive.  Although we have some fun things planed and gifts ready, I realize there is something deeper that is needed to truly bless this man who seeks to provide for us in every sense of the word.

I believe that the job of honoring my husband as the father in our home rests on my shoulders as a mom.  It is my responsibility to model and teach my children how we can show him honor.

Here are some practical ways that I believe we as mothers can help bless our spouses and honor them as men:

-Whenever possible, build up your spouse and complement them in front of others (both in front of them and “behind their back”).  A practical way that I do this in our home is when I pray with my children at night.  In my prayers I make a point to thank God for Trent and for the wonderful father, husband and supporter that he is for our family.

-Stand as one in all decisions concerning your children.  In our home, if Trent gives the kids an answer to a question and they approach me for my answer, I always reply that “dad’s answer and my answer are the same.”  Trent does the same when this situation is reversed.

-If you disagree with something your spouse does while parenting, bring it up with him in private so as not to undermine his authority in from of your children.

-Help your children learn to appreciate your husband by pointing out things that he does for your family.  Simple statements like, “Oh look how nice the grass looks today, wasn’t that nice of daddy to mow it for us?” or “Wow, the car has a full gas tank, daddy must have knew we would appreciate not having to stop at the gas station today, lets try to remember to thank him for that.” will go a long way in helping your children learn to notice all the little things their dad does for the family.

-Give him a place of honor.  Perhaps this means something as simple as giving him the seat at the head of the table, serving him dinner (or dessert) first.  Other times, this might mean including him in decisions or talks you are having with your kids by saying “lets find out what daddy things about this, he always has something wise to add to our discussions.”

These are just a few of the many ways I am sure we can seek to actively bless the fathers of our children.  I would love to hear some of the ideas you have or the things you are doing in your home, please share!

Below is a photo that I took while my husband was wrestling with the kids (something he does often), if you click on it you will hear the sound of laughter that is always sure to follow.

Mom 4 Life. Now that Ashley owns Mom 4 Life, I am focusing my energies in homeschooling and asking God to use me in other areas.

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